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ÍCE - (interj) used in rejoice or to express pleasure. 
Sometimes it is used to call attention to the fact that a beautiful woman has entered the room (not too loud -> you'll scare her away). Note the accent.
EX: Did you see the new lifeguard at the club pool - níce!

ÍCEN - (n) an attractive female who exudes sexual appeal.
Never call her this to her face, only refer to other hot woman as nícens, this will drive her crazy.
EX: Ms. Keira Knightly is a smoke screen nícen.

– (n) derogatory term for an asian.
We are not really sure how this came into being, perhaps it has to do with the high degree slant or loft that a nine iron has.
EX: "Please put, bag on cart, I play now, back a side," muttered the nine iron.

– (n) the amount of hacks admitted to by a chop minus said chop's handy-cap-cheating index.
Who the hell are we kidding?  In amateur golf, cheaters do win!
EX: Bucks and Mak sold their souls for the 2010 Acacia Men’s Invitational Net Ball Championship.

NUT SHOW – (n) a testicle spectacle, performed by a birthday suit showman typically with an elastic scrotum.

Before the show Puppetry of the Penis became a worldwide hit... before there was a book available on Amazon, there was Cleveland's own Chucks and his nut show.  
Nothing better than the look on the first time watcher's face.  We are most fond of those early old school shows, the ones that were all sack with no knob.  Classy!  
EX: If you attended The Ohio State University at the turn of the millennia, chances are high you heard and or perhaps even witnessed the nut show. 
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  1. There are two ways to play this game in terms of golf. In one type of match play by holes won and lost match winner is declared. In another type of match play, which is known as stroke play, the winner is the one that completes the cycle with a minimum number of moves.

  2. Hi Jucad,

    It's tough to say golf can only be played 2 ways... think about all the ridiculous formats of competition there are... for instance I just simply googled golf games for foursomes and I found this content:


    Best Ball



    Chapman - (Two man teams)

    Pinehurst - (Two man teams)

    Hero & Bum - (Four man teams)

    Alternate Shot (Ryder Cup)

    Alternate Shot (Scotch Foursome)


    etc, etc, etc: