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– (n/v) a score two strokes under par for the hole. 

In relation to par, this is the same as a hole-in-one.  

It can also be achieved playing on rinky-dink muni courses with drivable par 4's and short par 5’s.

Most good golfers earn them the old fashioned way, making a 3 on 500 yard plus par 5.

For 95% of the chops claiming to be golfers, a legit eagle is next to impossible!
EX: An eagle can jumpstart even the worst of rounds.

– (n) a handicap justified not by skill level but by shear egotism and delusion.  

These players are easy money and their egos never allow them to learn.  They seem to always find a game even though they don't have regular playing partners or many friends for that matter. 

Well known examples include:
Donald Trump – he claimed a 0 egocap once. That egotistical chop should comb over to reality and admit the hack 15 handicap he plays to.  

Dennis Quaid – claimed a 1.1 egocap.  In 2005, a famous dinosaur golf magazine had this con man as the best golfer in Hollywood.  Chop Digest are you kidding us?  Quit the charade Quaid, the loopers at Bel Air CC are hip to your golf/acting frauds.  Try making a movie that doesn’t suck, and move that decimal point one over to the right Mr. 11.

EX: They might have stood a chance in the Swinging Bridge Invitational if it wasn’t for the member's  ridiculous egocap.

– (n) anything used, worn, carried by or made to be carried for a player.

This includes: clubs, wardrobe, golf bag, golf cart, balls, tees, pencils, swing weights, ball retrievers, head covers, iron covers, towels, extra shoes, old water bottles, flasks, cans of beer, cartons of smokes, smokeless tobacco tins and pouches, dugouts of wacky tobacky, folds of cash and currency, jewels, wallets, knives, butane lighters, Zippos, sunlotion/sunblocks, eyewear/sunglasses, contact solution, cameras, candy bars, toothbrushes, fix-a-flat, and permanent markers. 

To abolish the caddy you would have to abolish the sport of golf.  Caddies aren't going anywhere!

EX: A golf caddie is considered a player’s equipment and if the player's ball hits said caddy, it’s an automatic two-stroke penalty.

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