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Nov 6, 2011

Top 10 - Worst Golf Club Ever

We here at CaddyDigest are attempting the impossible, we are giving a go at listing the all time worst golf clubs ever created.  

This list is ever-changing and we encourage you dear reader to post below any image links and or suggestions of specific golf clubs you think belong to this disgraceful list.  

Yes, those crappy, overpriced, unhittable, gimmicky golf clubs which should forever receive dishonorable mention as the worst golf putter, the worst golf wood, the worst golf iron, the worst golf wedge, the worst golf driver, or the worst golf club ever designed.


A few points about our Worst Golf Club List:

  • Most of the expert loopers used in researching this worst golf club ever list, grew up caddying in the 1990's.
  • We tried to only consider name brand golf clubs, marketed and known to the masses.  Off brand junk-u-lus golf clubs were excluded. 
  • OK, we're not the creators of the universe.  We certainly missed a terrible golf club or two.  Please share, comment, and link your most dishonorable mentions. 

All right all ready, enough of this pre-listing cowardice.  Let's look at some of the worst golf clubs ever created in descending order... from some of the worst, to the all time worst!

10. Worst Golf Club Ever - Bullet Hollow Point Driver

Erasing essential portions of customary standard equipment is a major tenant in terrible golf club design.  Be on the lookout for Taylor Made's soon to be released Grip-less Utility Wood and Scotty Cameron's Sweet Spotless Putter.

9.  Worst Golf Club Ever - Odyssey 3 Ball Putter

Nothing subconsciously programs the three jack hack better than 3 mystifying white spheres floating through the green galaxies far far away.  Star Trek's own Voyager has nothing on the swaths of distance this piece of crap putter has induced golf chops to cover.

8. Worst Golf Club Ever - Yonex Graphite Driver

It has been over 20 years since the launch of the Yonex ADX Driver.  At the time, this golf club was considered to be extremely oversized.  To this very day, lefty Michelson aside, no other man has hit a golf ball solidly using it.

7. Worst Golf Club Ever - Callaway Ely Would

Callaway's jake attempt at riding the extreme success of their "Heaven Wood".  The act got stale on the "Divine Nine" and officially became played out when the company disgraced the founder's name by placing it on the "Ely Would".  

This debacle was also the beginning of the end for women's golf bags carrying a 6, 5, 4, or 3 iron.


6. Worst Golf Club Ever - Cobra Baffler Blade Irons

One word's suffice for these pieces of golf design trash -> Unhittable

5. Worst Golf Club Ever - The Hammer Driver

We'll let Jack Hamm, and his cheesy voiceover pal, yell and scream on their own behalves.

4. Worst Golf Club Ever - Nike Slingshot Irons

If you think Tiger Woods uses Nike golf irons, you are wrong.  He rocks Miura designed irons.   Nike simply subcontracts the aforementioned Japanese design and then slaps their sweatshop swoosh on 'em. Doing so helps Nike continually pawn the image that Tiger actually plays the garbage slave shop irons they themselves create.  

The end results are always the same: Slick commercials. Sponsored, highly visible players donning terrible Nike gear. Sprinkle in a few public relations lies... and the tard necktar products produced get gobbled up by the clueless golf masses.

3. Worst Golf Club Ever - Cobra Tricep Putter


If you ever had to lug around one of these wide load 20 pound 3 putt telephone poles - well you know that too, even in golf, King Cobras can be life threatening dangers.

2. Worst Golf Club Ever - The Alien Wedge

This other worldly club was supposedly created to help clueless chops get out of dry heavy sanded bunkers.  Futuristically designed, this club can produce sound barrier breaking, laser-like skull shots from any tight fairway or bunker lie.  

One final note.  The golf club's original designer, Pat Simmons, is rumored to be a shapeshifting reptilian.  Stand clear of his path:

1. Worst Golf Club Ever - Cleveland VAS Irons 792

The most hideous shank-less golf iron ever invented.  It's disgusting club head shape is only outdone by the club's ridiculous logo which depicts its efficiency at decapitating wild snakes encountered on the golf course.  

The loopers of CaddyDigest unanimously decided, the Cleveland VAS 792 Iron is by all accounts, the worst gold club ever made.


  • By all means... leave us your comments, links, and suggestions below.

  • What DO YOU THINK is the worst golf club ever made? 


  1. Browning Golf Irons:

  2. Ping Zing 2 Wood, Sumo Driver, any and all Taylor Made Bubble Shaft clubs, any kind of iron designed for strictly chipping, Adams Tight Lies Fairway Woods, Orlimar Woods, any type of Slazenger golf club ever made

  3. Man, where can I get the Hammer X driver? I want one just to walk around a course screaming "Its HAMMER TIME!" and whacking balls everywhere.
    That commercial makes me want to head to a tractor pull.

    1. Awesome. No better way to say it.

  4. I still want to know what the one at the top of the list is. I'd order mine in an amber color with a mosquito suspended in the middle, just like Jurassic Park.

  5. i have the cleveland vas irons there actually really good

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. The Cobra baffler blades were actually great golf clubs. They were just hard to hit. If a person was a skilled golfer, he would have no problem hitting the sweet spot on the baffler blade. The blades that Tiger plays would be hard for the average golfer to hit also, but that doesn`t make them bad golf clubs. Some on the best golf clubs ever built were the Hogan Apex forged blades, but the average golfer would hate them because he wouldn`t be able to find the sweet spot with any regularity, Tiger does pretty well with them :) just fucking kiding im not gay

  8. I have to disagree on the King Cobra Tricep Putter. It is heavy, but it is a hole finding machine. The weight of it is part of the greatness, short back stroke and good ball rolling follow through. I have used one for years, you have to be as smart as the club is all...

  9. The Wilson Staff Spine driver. Truly appalling headshape, shaft about a foot longer than anyh other shaft in history, and the noise on contact sounded like someone spitting out a tooth into an aluminium bucket. Every single one they ever sold was listed on eBay within 72 houres of purchase.

  10. Top Flite came up with a "topless" driver once. Can't remember the name, but it sounded absolutely awful when you hit it.

  11. I have spine for years great machine

  12. Wilson Killer Whale Driver, Killer Bee Drivers with the zillion inch shaft, Tommy Armour Ti1000 irons (1,000 is what you'd shoot for 18).
    Wilson Fat Shaft, all the aluminum shafted irons...before your time.

  13. The Cobra Baffler Blades were great clubs. The "sweet spot" was very sweet and a joy to hit. You just had to be a skilled enough golfer to make them function properly.

  14. Worst ever , those black cleveland vj singh blades.
    my pal was off plus 2 when he got a set , they were so hard to hit he went to 1 handicap . Took them out of the bag and got back down again.

  15. I bought an Alien 2 wedge at a yard sale for $3. I think I paid too much.

  16. Worst ever for me - very old Ping Anser putter. No sweet spot at all, harsh vibration on every putt - like a little train wreck in the hands. Obviously they must have improved over the years, but I cannot believe these early ones ever sold very well.

  17. I put this on reddit:

    1. I have Cleveland VAS irons bought them brand new in 93 love them still have them. You dont know shit....

    2. :-) Stay Calm and Chop On VAS fan

  18. Have owned the Cleveland VAS irons forever. Demo'd about 15 different clubs prior to those. These hit straight as an arrow with an extremely high ball flight. Best clubs I ever played. Still have them and am thinking of going back to them. Ugly, yes. Worst clubs ever . . . not even close.

  19. I still have a set of aluminum shafted Spalding Irons. Great shafts and I've played a ton of them!

  20. I still have the Hollow Point Bullet driver purchased years ago. It worked ok unless the wind was blowing. Then the club head caught the wind and moved it all over the place on the down swing. Never did know where the hell the ball would end up. I stopped using it after a few weeks. It's for sale!

  21. I've got the cobra baffler blades, as they cost me next to nothing and i'm just upgrading to my first proper set. They're horrendous to hit if you're a beginner like me, but on the odd 1% of the time I hit a sweet accurate iron shot.

  22. Who makes the clear "wood" with the red shaft at the very top? I actually bought it for $5.00 at some garage sale years ago. I can't find any markings on it and it drives (no pun intended) me crazy that I don't know who made it.

  23. It is called The Clear Difference acrylic driver, a piece of sh*t gimmick of a club.

  24. Anyone remember the invex driver. I owned it. Good times.