The Top 10 Worst Golf Inventions

The Top 10 Worst Golf Inventions*

*This top ten list is ever evolving.


1. The UroClub
A funny yet disgusting misallocation of sanity.

2. The Golf Ball Launcher

Jeans, mullets, high top sneaks, guns and golf. This all makes perfect sense!

3. The Potty Putter This may be a joke; but you can buy it right here!

4. Shadow Caddy Look at 25 seconds in, what the hell is that!? Earth to Shadow Caddy you have the first real life footage of a UFO shooting through your promo video. Pull carts are for pansies, automated pull carts with transmitter clips are the new pansy pinnacle. Nice try Shadow Caddy, loopers aren't going anywhere!

5. The Designated Driver
48 oz!? Better go straight vodka, have your chop partners buy the wash (OJ, soda water, what have you).

6. The Twilight Tracer
Thanks Bobby Wllson, sorry about the spelling of your name, yee-haw! Now all's we need is glow in the dark hybrid grass and the nightmare of 24-hour golf can be realized!

7. Golf Ball Retriever


It looks like it comes complete with a Callaway head cover so it takes a bit of digging to figure out the owner is a chop.

Callaway, whatever this item generates toward the bottom line, its not worth it, not at the cost of your brand.

8. POW * MIA Golf Balls
Nothing better than a high spirited round of golf and some prisoners of war.

9. Magic Magnet and Flexible Golf Lift Tee Step

As if plastic golf tees don’t suck enough, now you can get a plastic “anchor tee” with string and score keep to match!

9.5 Brush t
I had to buy ‘em, they was made in China and they was on TV!

10. The Hammer
Note the usage of the Brush t at 32 seconds in!
Yes, it's the Hammer! Bang it deep you fu*king gold-i-lox PC!
Bring this list home!

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