Caddy Dictionary, Lingo, & Golf Terms Defined - O

– (n) a moveable object that hinders with your shot. 
In golf as with chicks, if chemistry is not perfect almost anything or anyone can be a block or barrier.  You’ll have to be stern and even threaten violence to get the competition out of your way.
Sure there is “no penalty” technically but you still have to waste energy backing ‘em down. 
EX: Before taking a swing, always make sure to check for any possible obstructions.  

– (n) ground on which play is prohibited, usually outside of club property lines. AKA – O.B. 
A ball is out of bounds, unless by some act of God it ricochets back into play.  This usually coincides with having a forked-tongued forecaddie working the group.
O.B. stakes are either white or burning.  As the western world moves into the third world, electric, barbed wire, and or razor fences are becoming more commonplace. 
In Brazil or in India, if your ball carries the armed guards and makes it into the favela or slums, well that ball ain’t coming back. 

EX: No you didn't make par, you made a double; remember you sailed that first tee shot clear out of bounds.

OUTSIDE AGENCY – (n) anything that is not part of the match or not part of a competitor's agency or equipment.

This includes refs, markers, forecaddies, forecaddie's mamas, forecaddie's baby's mama's mama's, and all spectators indifferent enough to watch chops try and play golf yet not be fairly compensated for it.
EX: No he’s not carrying your bag today, he’s working for everybody so technically there's no penalty, he is an outside agency.  You gonna be OK Pete?

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