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UNPLAYABLE LIE (n) a declaration where a player moves their ball, according to certain guidelines, incurring a penalty of one stroke.
Golfers sometimes declare this when their ball is inaccessible or impossible to advance with a club.
Liars can also use this term when confessing for why they got caught.
EX: When a golf ball nestles into a nook of tree roots, more times then not, a golfer has to declare an unplayable lie. If you are witnessed fondling your player’s balls, unplayable lies are really all you have to work with.

UP & DOWN (n) when a player gets the ball into the hole in two strokes beginning from off the green’s surface.
In golf, most shots that go up and remain on a green are rarely followed by a shot that goes down.
Rare masters of the up and down make boatloads of money and turn their opponents red-faced.
EX: A bad ball striker can make up for bad shots by mastering the art of the up and down.

(n/v) when a ball is sitting on an uphill surface or when a lie is difficult to get away with.
In golf it is one of the easiest lies to hit though ironically in life it can be a difficult fib to pull off.
To master the severity of a mounting untruth one has to temporarily loose sanity and believe the lie being told.
Sociopathic golfers can master almost all fibs and most probably this shot.
EX: Pulling one's shot on an uphill lie is common in golf. Pulling uphill lies off successfully with your suspicious girlfriend, well that is a feat indeed.

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  1. Can you please dedicate a post to some of the greatest loopers that you have come across in your days at C-Bury? I think it would be enjoyed by all.

  2. Yea, we'll be dropping something C-bury specific this coming summer.
    Stay tuned ;-)