What is Caddying?

What is Caddying?

To caddie is to slug or chase someone’s golf clubs around a golf course while doing the backbreaking work no golfer cares to do.

A player and caddy are part of golf's heritage of master and slave.  While it can be easy under the table cash for the keen and clever, it will be a toothless dead-end job for those refusing to read the colorful graffiti on the caddieyard wall.

What are the merits of Caddying?

Caddying gives one the opportunity to meet successful and influential people, many of whom are boring and unhappy.
To work for such folk for even 3 to 4 hours shall be complete torture, a lesson in life of whom never to work for again.

Potentially young loopers can earn caddie scholarships, although this may be at the cost of their adolescent innocence.

Aren't caddies as old as the game of golf itself?

Yes, caddying is a part of the game's love of servitude, "the way golf servants were to be enslaved."

Contrary to current folklore, the caddy might be down but he's not out - so long as there are golfers in this world there will be caddies serving them.

Catching loops helps adolescent kids learn many games (much more on those games later). Caddies get the opportunity to meet today's robots of crony capitalism, learn and quickly decipher which terrible FOG's to avoid, as well as establish rapports with some true bad asses that play this sport.

Sorry Dubs… you're no looper, you’ll never be in this club.

OK pal, isn’t caddying all but dead?

Sure, but it’s the resurgence of the caddie yard that is the only hope for golf to be charismatic again.

History proves the most memorable golfers with cool swings and personality got their start in scummy caddie yards the world over.

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