Player Manual – Dressing to Play - Volume 3

Dressing to Play

Before you set off to play a round of golf, you will have to decide what to wear.  It is critical to understand what clothing choices are appropriate.  Let’s examine some absolute no goes regardless of when, where, and with whom you are playing with:
You will want to avoid wearing jeans or denim of any kind, high top kicks, wife beaters, short shorts, swimwear, jogging shorts, bandanas, sandals, sweat suits, t-shirts, sports jerseys, and or flannels.

Men – even if the climate you play in is hot and humid, spare the world from having to see your tree trunks shuffling for hours on end.  Understand that shorts are for ladies and little boys.  Light cotton / linen pants are the answer to heat.

Now if you are the “Babe Ruth” of golf then all aforementioned dress code rules are off, the babe rocks whatever gear he so chooses.

Hey Barry Soetoro, Puppet Obama, Barackman Sachs... ah whatever your fu*king name is, take a note from the babe.  Put your pants on!

Women – there is a plethora of form fitting sporty golf clothing to choose from. Beware for if you have a nice figure, and the more brazen your choice in golf attire is, the more angry unattractive women whom will bitch and complain about whatever hateful thing they can think of.

The nerve showing that much skin! 
Yeah, clear those hips baby doll!  
Miss Maria Verchenova = Nícen Golfer

Many women enjoy golf with the service of a caddy.  

Lots of ladies also revel in acting caddy too.

Your choice of golf attire – for the most part - is up to you. 

Just always know, on a golf course judgment is ever vigil. It's best to refrain from both dressing and or acting like a piece of T.

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Stay tuned, “Preparing to Play” is next!


  1. What about Jim McMahon? - plays in loud pants and bare feet.

  2. We didn't know he came with barefoot style. The most famous barefoot golfer ever of course was Sam Snead. Of course Mr. Snead's a shoe in for the CaddyDigest Caddyshack of Fame McMahon, not so much. Kind of a boof peacock ex-football player who likes people to notice him ;-)

    Thanks, we learn something everyday!

    hank @ CaddyDigest