Player Manual - Golf Etiqutte - Volume 2

CaddyDigest – Golf Etiquette

If you don’t know what you are doing on a golf course, get off.  Not understanding golf’s protocols can get you killed.

Thoughtlessness is the true culprit of golf etiquette.  Being conscious of your surroundings and whom you are playing with is paramount.

Please don’t bother…

If you like unsolicited advice, taking multiple practice-swings, mid-round mulligans, day dreams, cell phones, fishing for water logged balls, complaining, long preshot routines, etc… there are many wonderful golf video games you can play – televised golf tournaments you may watch – and fantasy golf leagues you can join!   

You are welcome to tee it up…

  • When you understand that being ready to play is more important than how you play.
  • Know that mulligans are for the first tee alone (if you are playing in a charity golf scramble and your caddie sells you or your group mulligans, chances are the proceeds will be directly dispersed to that specific caddie’s relief fund).
  • Understand that putting lines are a nightmare to keep track of, walk gingerly on greens. 
  • Know neither to receive nor give any advice. 
  • Comprehend that 1 practice swing is suffice for its utmost value is to forewarn your shot, an upcoming attempt. 
  • He who makes replaces their divot. 
  • Cell phones are to be left in your car or locker.  If you are awaiting a business call, stay in the office.  
  • Whispers are for cowards. 
  • Bunkers are your duty. 
  • Jingling coins in ones pocket is for fog-i-son-jensons only. 

Bottom Line:

A round of golf tells sh*t tons about anyone.  

How you act is more important than how you play.  

Your patience, temperament, respect for the rules and others, how you respond to adversity and challenge, these factors are all significant.  

What’s of the utmost importance in your golf etiquette, is that you are enjoyable to be around.  

Golf is supposed to be fun!

If you don’t know how to have fun stop reading this manual and swear golf off forever. 

If you cracked a smile or two, stick around… “Dressing to Play” is next!   

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