The Job of Caddying - Caddy Manual - Volume 2


The caddie has been a part of the game of golf since it's inception.  Sure golf is an individual sport... but golf gets complex when the pressure is on.  Golfers need someone to blame for their bad golf shot making.

The Rules of Golf defines a “politically correct version” of what the role of a caddie is, but you are smarter than that. The truth is all too obvious.

Basic duties of a caddy include enduring any time you are forced to: carry a golf bag anywhere, risk advice giving on golf shots, touch dirt, handle a rake, wash anything, pull a flagstick, etc.  

As a caddy you can earn your keep by allowing the player to believe that they are all powerful.  

If a player enjoys his or her round of golf, you probably will have not.  

Even if you did find any amusement out there, you are wise enough to mentally prepare your psyche for a letdown in compensation.  

Yes it is true - you and your player are a team on the course.  HE is the star player, owner, hot cheerleader, and coach all wrapped up in one.  YOU are the pee-on water boy and there is a stadium full of drooling knucklehead caddies stalking your job, envious to replace you.  

In victory, all glory shall be the golfer's.  

In defeat, you will be verbally assaulted fired without hesitation or scruples. 

Take heed all pre and proceeding insights of this CaddyDigest Caddy Manual or ignore them at your peril.  The choice is yours looper.

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