Player Manual - Intro to Playing Golf - Volume 1

CaddyDigest Player Manual 

An Introduction to Playing Golf

To the uninitiated a golf course simply looks like good land spoiled.   

Others claim golf to be the ruin of a good walk.

Why people dare spend so much time and money on golf?  

A conundrum indeed.  

There is a myriad of reasons and rationalizations why one would pay to play golf.  

Number one on the list should always be fun. 

That is right stiffs, all boredom be damned.

What is with the goofy golf etiquette?

Yes it is true - golf’s etiquette seems useless and stuffy.  

The clothes, the clubs, the private this, the exclusive that... golf stiffs have spent hundreds of years and billions of dollars to establish that golf and privilege go hand in hand. 

But you like golf?  You are not a stiff, are you?  

This is confirmation.  You are no square. You wouldn’t be reading CaddyDigest if you were lame and lifeless.  Our mission is to knock the “stiff” out of golf.  To succeed in our quest we will need your help!

In the coming weeks and months we will be expanding CaddyDigest's Player Manual.  

If you haven't yet begun playing golf, think again!  You could save yourself time, money, and anguish by never starting. 

If you have foolishly acquired the habit of hitting white golf balls around manicured plots of wasted arable land, by all means read onward.

These documents will never offer tips or advice on how to actually perform or play better golf in a technical sense.  If you seek golf instruction simply contact your local robotic PGA teaching pro, they will be happy to take your cash.   

What we offer you is a plethora of insider information offering you a competitive advantage.  With CaddyDigest's Player Manual you will gain an edge, you may even garner yourself some respect.  Who knows?! People may even end up wanting to carry your golf bag.

Whether you are a beginning chop, an average golfer, or a seasoned pro-doe, the following information will be extremely valuable to your game and more importantly your perspective.

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